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Following the attack, all sorts of 911 related artwork flew around the Internet. Below are some of the ones that have landed at the VRWC. I'd like to give credit, but I got them via EMail, so unless they're signed I don't know who did the original work.

Click on an image to pop up a new window containing the full sized picture.

Coin toss
Day Care
Crying Eagle
Angry Eagle
Hijack This
I'll take it from here
Most dangerous Place
Not Afraid to Fly
Special Delivery
USS Cole
2nd Amendment Scenario
Which side?
Wanted Poster
Raising the flag
9/11 Collage
War Paint
Patton vs. the Taliban
Bumper Sticker
Hey, Bin Loser!
Look behind you!
Even heroes need a hand
Don't quit your day job
Nose art 1
Nose art 2
Nose art 3