There was (and probably still is) a young woman who went by the handle "Nuck Fewt" (although I suspect that subsequent events have caused her to choose a new handle). In this particular case, she'd chosen the handle "Nuckie". Whatever she had said was, of course, quite forgettable. Thor's response, however, was a keeper. I present it here for your consideration.

Posted by Thorondir on March 10, 1998 at 9:38 AM:

In Reply to: Re: Politics posted by Nuckie on March 9, 1998 at 3:55 PM:

There are many things which build and bolster a civilization, namely: On the other hand, there are many things which degrade and destroy a civilization, namely: Where does Clinton fit into this picture? Where does his party stand? Where do you and I stand? I truly did not tailor the content of this post to Slick Willie or his party . . . or his despicable supporters [like you, Nuckie], they just naturally fit the bill. It is the result of my research for a book years ago . . . before I ever heard of him. This pattern of virtue and vice has been repeated and repeated at the rise and fall of every great people throughout the history of mankind. The ugly thing . . . if you have the guts and tears to face it, is that once the amoral slide begins, there can be no recovery. I say not impossible, but history shows that it has never happened . . . NEVER. Many rise to warn their people toward the end, but none of them have ever succeeded . . . ask my friend Tacitus.

Liberalism wins because of its essentially satanic glamour, which plays on all that is weak, broken and ugly in mankind:

Sorry, my friends. Truth is a downer when the world rots around us. Yet, I would rather know the painful truth and deal with it, than to steep in the comfortable ignorance of the very liberalism I loathe.

For the sake of mankind LIBERALISM MUST BE CRUSHED!

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