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It's been 6 years since Hillary Clinton founded the VRWC [full story]. Through it all has been here.

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Who are we really? It depends on how you define the labels. We generally refer to ourselves as "conservatives", but that's not a very well defined term. We're not a political party, we're people who share a point of view and a set of values. We're as varied as any other group - professionals, laborers, servicemen and women, housewives, retirees - from all around the country - just people.

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About the VRWC

The "vast right wing conspiracy" was and remains a myth. There is no "organization" behind, there's only me. The primary reason I support and maintain this web site is the discussion forum. That began as a small community of conservatives who first got together on a discussion forum around 1996 or so. That forum got trashed fairly regularly and eventually the site just vanished.

I made an effort to replicate the forum and this web site grew around that effort. Everything from the web pages to the server itself is maintained by yours truly, at my personal expense. I'm not affilliated with anybody else, I don't accept advertising, and I charge no fees. I view most of the members of our board's community as friends, and this is simply something I do to keep in touch with them. The only person I'm beholden to with respect to this site is my beautiful wife, who is gracious enough to support this personal indulgence of mine.

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